A2B Outsourcing

Outsource in the Philippines

A2B Outsourcing was formed when we found the existing BPO in Clark Philippines we were using was not giving us the right levels of service. The team’s morale was down; the environment was just plain and uninspiring. With constant internet and phone issues, the infrastructure was not satisfactory and with the demands of businesses which is media management, calls, email management were not being met thus the our business success went down.

We decided to go alone, understanding the need for service in our logistics, bookings and dispatch businesses we were able to bring our existing teams together, to a location that met the needs of the businesses.

The teams were once again inspired – having windows, proper desk and computers, plenty of space, meeting rooms; the overall productivity and optimism of the businesses lifted. We decided that we needed to offer our services to others, as we now operate a 200-seat contact centre. Our management motto is “in the Philippines, it’s easy to be generous”, we look after our staff and aim to be the best Australian owned Global BPO in Clark.


A2B Outsourcing envisions itself to becoming the leader in the outsourcing industry. This vision is achieved through the delivery of world-class workforce solutions to businesses and the development of client-centered standards and processes.


To partner with businesses in maximizing their profits through our outsourcing solutions; To serve the current and future needs of our clients through effective business propositions, products and services; To attract, retain and develop a talented, collaborative and agile workforce.