About Us

Why Outsource?

By outsourcing, you don’t need to pay taxes and it saves costs for infrastructure, office space, HR personnel, technology and utility bills. It may serve as an integral method to long term competitive technique for success upon utilizing the ability of your outsourced staff to become the best of who they are while flexibly performing their duties and tasks. You could spend more time focusing on the bigger picture of your business and on the things that add more value to your life.

What is A2B Outsourcing all about?

We always hear and being offered to outsource an office staff to other country to reduce the cost of overheads. Just like you, at first, we are hesitant to do that due to some reasons like language barriers, less security and quality of work that may affect the business progress. In 2015, Sandhy, Scott and I decided to outsource in the Philippines. We visited the country to see if the facilities, infrastructures and technologies can handle our business process properly. We hired our own Virtual Assistant, Sales, Customer Service and operations to see how outsourcing really works. You would not believe what we have discovered from a short period of time, our previous notion is opposite from what we have experienced from the staffs in the Philippines. Our business operations smoothly run because workloads are properly delegated and accomplished on time.

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “Moving people from point A to B”?
Contentment living in your own country is somewhat like satisfying for some individuals. A2B Outsourcing is not just connecting ‘YOU’ to other people, but also taking you out from the box to where you find yourself most comfortable with. Moving people is one good way to make them realize their true value and worth and thus giving them a better understanding on how to deal not just with their environment, but also with different fields they might not have encountered yet.

It is a part of our goal to reach out with various people of different culture and then taking them to an experience to live a life they never used to, considering their needs and requirements – all through A2B Outsourcing!

Then, ABC A2B Outsourcing Phils. Pty Ltd. Inc was established. This company was built with an abundance of happiness because we know that we can help you lessen your burden with your labour costs. We will attest and guarantee of your investment in this country. We chose the Philippines because Filipinos are hardworking, dedicated, service – oriented and hospitable people. Most Filipinos speak in English and their fluency has helped them become competitive in this industry. Most of them went to universities to finish their studies. Most importantly, they charge less with a quality of work.

ABC A2B Outsourcing Phils. Pty Ltd. is one of the leading outsourcing companies in the Philippines now. We are proud to be part of this company that provides world class workforce solutions for businesses. Talk to us and see the difference!